The Merriam-Webster defines celluloid as a motion-picture film or work of fiction captured on film

Nothing has brought more pleasure to masses than the celluloid. Ah! This word of the bygone era when celluloid was actually the film substance that captured and immortalized films in all its gore and glory, limited only by one’s imagination. Gone are the days of celluloid now that digital is all that remains. However, the concept of celluloid – how something so fictitious and simple can mesmerize the world for centuries to come – lives on.

We at CelluloidFun belong to the world of cinema as bystanders who were caught up in all the frenzy of the beautiful world of make-belief. Form news to views, stories and education – if it belongs to the world of film and cinematography then we publish it here.

Have fun on the silver screen – you are never too old or too young. Enjoy!!

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