Canadian Films: There Are Few Better

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cdianflsIn many cases, festivals are the only places Canadian films can find an audience. Touch & Go, a first feature directed by Scott Simpson, doesn’t even have a distributor. And most domestic features touch down in just two or three major cities before turning into fodder for cable TV. The quality of Canadian films is so uneven it’s no wonder audiences are wary. In Touch & Go, with spunky co-star Patricia Zentilli, Douglas displays the casual charisma of a Canuck Brad Pitt, but he’s trapped in a shambling script. And the movie’s desperate charm illustrates one half of a chronic dilemma: while our best directors — the Egoyans and Cronenbergs — make films that are too artful and austere to attract a mass audience, those who cater to the mainstream tend to make films too contrived to win it over. § Read the rest of this entry…

Tips For Choosing The Best Snoring Mouthpiece

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If you are looking for an anti-snoring device, it is either you are a snorer or you have loved ones who have problems with snoring. There are ways you can get rid of snoring and it is important that you keenly choose the best snoring mouthpiece. One way for you to find out if you have chosen the right snoring mouthpiece is when you check the basics. Some may easily fall for the most advanced mouthpiece without even checking if it can be considered beneficial for them. If want the best snoring mouthpiece, it should have the ability to provide you snore-free sleep. Most devices these days are considered mandibular advancement devices or MAD and with this, you will be able to put a stop to snoring without worries.

When you are using a new snoring mouthpiece, the first thing you will experience is drooling and this is completely normal since you are just trying to get used to the device. You will also experience soreness because you are using the muscles around your mouth. However, the pain and soreness will be things of the past once you get used to the changes taking place. It might seem like an extreme pain but these are considered temporary. The best thing you need to do is to monitor the progress when using the device.

What You Need To Remember When Using Anti Snoring Devices

Snoring is a serious problem that makes a good night’s sleep seemingly elusive. Every night, you will be bombarded by incessant snoring and if you do not find ways to deal with it right away, it can become worse than you might think. The use of anti snoring devices can help you target the problem and all you really need to do is to consult your doctor regarding the product that suits your needs. There are many brands for you to choose from but not all of them offer the same relief. You really have to keen on selecting § Read the rest of this entry…

Musicals Take Berlinale, Then They Take Berlin

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mutberlRob Marshall’s Chicago, a very kinetic musical with a violent subtext, brought another kind of action to the Competition section. Set in the roaring twenties, the film’s two heroines, Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) and Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones), retell their stories in song and dance while in the slammer for killing men who jilted them. It’s a dark, cynical and strangely exuberant film–with a naughty, Cabaret- style attitude. Ultimately, however, it leaves a vaguely empty feeling. What is it all about, anyway? Perhaps it suggests that as a society we have become greedy for sensation and sensationalism, but the movie doesn’t reveal this with much depth or feeling and it feeds that unhealthy appetite.

The main revelation of Chicago is the enormous § Read the rest of this entry…

Hey, Data Doctor!

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dellcomWhether we like it or not, we live in a digital age. Some people are concerned that robots are going to start taking over their jobs and that’s no longer a laughing matter. Taking hand-written notes in classes or at meetings is slowly going to way of the dinosaur. No one prints pay stubs anymore and we sneer at those who want to call instead of text. All of these advancements are causing us to lose a lot of skills we used to spend years and years perfecting. With the rise of the computer age we find ourselves trying to find more ways to enlarge our storage space and trying to make things faster. We want it now, we don’t want to wait. We want that document to be uploaded to the server within milliseconds, not seconds and we want to share it with our business partners in Japan and South Africa at the same time.

In an effort to make things faster people began developing servers and other computer configurations to try and meet that desire. Many technicians began employing the abilities of RAID set ups and the Dell company of computers even named their own set up: Dell PowerEdge Servers. They are almost the same as other RAID servers aside from the fact that Dell employs their own controller system that they call PowerEdge Raid Controller or PERC for short.

PERC is designed to be more flexible and enhances performance in RAID5 and 6 setups in comparison to traditional methods. Due to this unique software recovering a Dell PowerEdge server failure can be a bit more complicated than recovering information from a standard RAID server. The reason being that most people don’t have the experience  with the Dell system (some do, however). There are scads of data recovery companies out there and a lot of self-taught computer pros but the fact of the matter is, if you don’t have experience in it, you can’t fix it. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn to fix something but if the failure is happening now and you need that data recovered as of yesterday, § Read the rest of this entry…

Toronto’s Doc Festival Still A Major Force

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chdocsCanada was by far the most heavily represented country at Hot Docs, with 42 films in the program. And some of the festival’s most powerful entries were Canadian — notably The Last Round, about George Chuvalo’s stoical defeat to Muhammad Ali in 1966, Men of the Deeps, an eloquent portrait of Cape Breton coal miners, and Rage Against the Darkness, a harrowing tale of two aging sisters warehoused in separate institutions.

The documentary has become the domain of the dispossessed. Its origins can be traced to state propaganda — from the patriotic mission of NFB founder John Grierson to the Nazi pageantry of Leni Riefenstahl. But these days the notion of a right-wing documentary is almost a contradiction in terms. To attend Hot Docs was to be confronted by images of neglected seniors, special-needs kids, outlaw teens, homeless squatters, Bosnian rape victims, Afghan bombing casualties, Islamic women murdered for breaking sexual taboos, and female brokers hitting a glass ceiling on Wall Street.

But the festival also included films devoted to harmless idiosyncrasy, such as Feel Neil, an exhaustive study of Neil Diamond impersonators. And there were far-flung excursions into the exotic — notably Sand and Water, a lyrical portrait of river farmers in Bangladesh whose lands § Read the rest of this entry…

Is That an Injured Seal I Hear?

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snorereliefSnoring is definitely not the most soothing sound on the planet. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who can actually fall asleep to the sounds of another person snoring. Most people sound like an injured seal or a barking dog when they snore which can end up disturbing the entire household. It’s not easy to stop snoring and many people snore because of the way their muscles relax while they sleep. There are life-style changes that can be made to help relieve snoring but it’s not the easiest for everyone. While quitting smoking or drinking can be done, they are often very difficult to do. As well, if people snore because they are overweight diet and exercise can take some time to show results. Anti-snoring mouthpieces can help in the meantime and in the event that the life-style changes don’t cause the snoring to stop then the mouthpiece can still do its job.

Anti-snoring mouthpieces generally work by gently pushing the lower jaw open so that the airway is clear and the sleeper can breathe properly again. It’s amazing how one little adjustment can make a world of difference.

There are a lot of mouthpieces on the market but one of the ones that has the highest rate of success is The Snore Relief®. While most mouthpieces are a solid piece of plastic that force you to breathe through your nose the Snore Relief® is designed to include two holes at the front which allow air to flow freely. This is especially good if you snore all the time but perhaps it gets worse when you have allergies or a cold. There are also people who have trouble breathing through their nose on a regular basis for a variety of reasons. You might want to check out other snoring mouthpieces here.

Also, the packaging on the Snore Relief® is really nice. Usually mouthpieces come to you in the mail in some kind of box or § Read the rest of this entry…

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